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Упражнения для отработки отработки звуков английского языка

29 Марта 2018, 02:00

Самойлова Елена Александровна,
преподаватель английского языка
Альметьевский музыкальный колледж им. Ф.З. Яруллина
Упражнения для отработки звуков в английском языке

2-4 классы
Английский язык

При изучении, так и для отработки фонетики английского языка помогут упражнения, представленные в данной работе. Они сгруппированы по звукам, и выполнены в легкой форме, что способствует легкому запоминанию. 

Thelma thinks you’d better asks the author.
Theo thinks about such things on Thursday
Thanks for your therapy I can breath not thirteen times a second
Thin thick man  thought in the theatre about Dorothy’s health.
Thelma thinks of nothing but theatre.
That weather bothers them at this time
My brother, my father and my mother together clothe each other
Southern and northern rhythm of life are rather different
Thus Netherlands is rather pretty place.
They cant go there dressed like that.
King sings songs in the morning and in the evening
Bring me English ring for my long finger
Young Hungarian man hangs his coat on the wrong place
To know everything is to know nothing.
“Rich Richy” is a very ridiculous film
Rain is rare in African Sahara desert
Roger raised his right hand on the Russian subject
Romeo is pretty recognizable racer
Star is far from my heart
Its hard to make my scar more darker
I play march and my large family start 
This part of jar is sharp 
Willy walks when weather is warm
It was warning of war on the wall
Don’t waste your watch, wizard!
Weatherman waters flowers on the weekend
It’s a bad habbit not to hang a hat.
Handsome huge man sits in the helicopter.
A horseman doesn’t use a harpoon on the horse.
Harry hates hawks in the house .
Six little kittens lost there mittens,
It’s a pity they were so pretty.
Little Bill sits still. Will you sit still little Bill? 
If you sit still little Bill, Jim Nill will bring you to a big hill.
Most French children like cheese.
Why did the teacher ask such a question?
Don’t touch those pitches in the kitchen
Tom was in time and so was Tim.
Terry went there at once but it was too late.
Tongue twisters are for trying to do all the best of your tongue
Out of sight, out of might.
What have you found about it.
Why do you cry Willy?
Why do you cry?
Why Willy? Why Willy? Why Willy? Why?
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Den dislikes the drills.
Yesterday Dick decided not to drink.
Alice and Agness sat in the hammock
A black cat sat on a mat and ate a fat rat.
Fat rat had a fat cat.
Sam packed his bag and ran to catch the tram.
‘What an odd clock’, said Tom.
Lots of clocks and watches have gone wrong.
I’m fond of our pound.
Modern technology owns ecology and apology.
A cook took a good look at the cookery book.
He looked at the book.
Every country has its costumes.
Its fun to run and jump in the sun.
Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. Its only double trouble and troubles others too.
Extremes meet.
Please believe me.
Live in peace please.
Seeing is believing.
Better late than never, but better be never late.
All is well, that ends well.
East or West – hone is best.
Get ten eggs ready for breakfast.
First come first served.
It’s the early bird that catches the worm.
The first word is a verb, the third word is an adverb.
Everybody knew that Victor  was visiting Vell
Is it virture or vice?
Look at a lovely lion lying on the lawn.
Lawyers learn a lot of laws, look at him and love them all.
Lena likes to let her cat lay alone on the Lay Low street.
Her decision caused his displeasure
The collision occurred because of poor vision.

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